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When you enter your User Name and Password to access your on-line account and/or when you place an order for, or use, Pain Resource Center, Inc (PRC) products and/or services, you thereby Accept and Agree to the following:

Professional Qualifications

You will only place an order or use PRC's products and/or services if you have the necessary professional and educational background and license qualifying you to safely and appropriately administer, interpret and use the information derived from PRC's psychometric products and testing services. Ethical standards and guidelines for psychological tests are published by the American Psychological Association. As a customer you agree to be solely responsible for the use of PRC products and services, including any information and/or reports generated by these testing services. Institutional customers agree to insure that any professional staff using PRC's products and/or services meet the above qualifications.


All materials, publications, website content including computer programs, tests and testing services employed and/or used by PRC are the property of PRC, Inc and protected by copyright with all rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction in whole or in part, in any manner, including digitally, is both unethical and illegal. The purchaser of PRC's products and/or services agrees, as a condition to any purchase, that he or she will not reproduce, distribute, translate, modify, or adapt PRC's products and/or services, in any manner, or license or encourage others to do so, without prior written permission from PRC, Inc. The only exception is the downloading, printing, copying, reproducing and use of PRC's tests and reports as authorized as part of the usual testing service provided by PRC.

Limitation of Liability

The purchaser or user of any PRC, Inc. products and/or services agrees to indemnify and hold PRC harmless for all losses, liabilities, damages (including direct, indirect, special or consequential), and expenses (including court and attorneys' fees) incurred by PRC arising directly or indirectly from purchaser's use of PRC materials and services. This includes erroneous or claimed erroneous scoring or interpretation of PRC tests, reports and services. Purchaser agrees to release PRC from any and all liability resulting from purchaser's modification or extraction of any part of PRC reports for other uses. All materials, products and services are provided 'as is' and no other expressed or implied warranties are made by PRC, including merchantability or fitness of a test for a particular purpose. If conditions beyond PRC's reasonable control cause delay or failure in performance, PRC will not be held liable. While reasonable efforts have been made to insure the accuracy of all materials and services, PRC will not be held liable for any consequences, actions or inactions resulting from any errors, omissions, or the use of any information associated with its products and/or services.

PRC's total liability associated in any way with its products and/or services shall not exceed the total amount paid by the purchaser to PRC for those products and services. No other written or verbal agreement of any nature shall modify, replace, or affect any of the above Terms and Conditions for Ordering.


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