TMJ Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain?  Discover How a Simple Test Saved Her Life

After suffering from chronic pain for months, A woman decided to ask her dentist about her jaw pain symptoms, including sleepless nights and migraine headaches. She explained to her dentist that she was having what appeared to be joint pain in her temples at her jaw joints. Fortunately, her Dentist had attended a seminar and had heard of a special office test procedure to help diagnose jaw pain symptoms. If she had a temporomandibular joint disorder, often called "TMJ", the TMJ Scale Report® test would give her Dentist a highly accurate and reliable assessment of her symptoms. The clinical results of the test said that TMJ syndrome was not the cause of her pain, but it was likely there was some other cause. Following the guidelines of the screening test, her dentist referred her to an have an MRI, since she did not need TMJ treatment.. If she had not gone to her dentist for the original TMJ Scale screening, the brain tumor pressing on her jaw joint may have never been detected in time. After a successful surgery and treatment, she was thankful and relieved that a remarkable 20 minute test had helped save her life. Don't put it off! Take the test    (This and similar cases are published in Jour Craniomandibular Practice 9(2):152-158 1991)

Are you suffering from TMJ Jaw Pain like she was?

  • Do you have recurrent headaches as well as facial and neck pain?
  • Do you frequently suffer from ear symptoms including pain, ringing, buzzing, loss of hearing or clicking or locking of your jaw which can make chewing, speaking or moving your jaw painful or difficult?
  • Is your bite slipping out of alignment?

Until recently these symptoms, appearing unrelated, were frequently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as migraine, tension headache, nerve damage, or stress. Patients were frequently labeled as hypochondriacs, "it's all in your head", or neurotic. Today, certain practitioners within the Health Care Community with proper training and diagnostic skills, are able to pin point the cause of these symptoms and provide, often times seemingly miraculous, relief of symptoms which may have been present for years. Now, you can take a new, highly informative, confidential test in the comfort of your own home. The results may help you make good decisions regarding your health care today. Take the test

"TMJ" is sometimes used an abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

Disclaimer: Although the TMJ Scale is a highly accurate (usually around 90%) and reliable assessment tool, no diagnostic test is 100% accurate. It is being used here only as a screen for the presence of a TMJ disorder. It cannot replace a thorough and comprehensive evaluation by a dentist or specialist in this area. The statements contained within the TMJ Scale Report are based on statistical probabilities and therefore are suggestive rather than conclusive. No decisions or actions should be based solely on the results of this test.  By accessing and using the information on this website, and/or taking the TMJ Scale test, you agree that Pain Resource Center, Inc. is not liable to the test taker or anyone else for any decisions made or actions taken based on the results of this test or information from this website.