Test Sample Help


How do I answer a question? Click in the white circle next to the number representing your response. A black circular dot indicating your response will appear inside of the white circle after you click it.

How do I change my answers? Find the question(s) that you want to change. Then click on the new answer. Please view the help section,'How do I navigate through the questions?', for help on finding the question(s) that you want to change. If you have already recieved your results, then you cannot change your answers and have them re-scored.

 I want to finish the test later. Click on the 'Log Off' button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. This saves all of your answers. When you want to finish your test, go to https://tmjscale.com, click on 'Log on to Finish a Test' at the bottom of the 'Patient's Self-Test' menu, and log in to our system with your User Name and Password. You will be transfered to the first page of the questions where you can continue taking the test.

How do I navigate through the questions? At the bottom of each page you will find buttons to help you navigate through the test.

By clicking on 'Next' your answers are stored and the next page of questions appears.

By clicking on 'Back' your answers are stored and the previous page of questions appears.

Do Not navigate through the pages using the 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons located in the toolbar of your browser or your data cannot be saved.

Question 1 is located on the 1st page of questions. Questions 2-8 are located on the 2nd page of questions. Questions 9-97 are located on the 3rd page of questions and are divided into 10 sections on the same scrollable page.

Each section contains instructions and 9 questions. At the bottom of each section you will find the following navigation links: 'Top', 'Previous Section', 'Next Section', and/or 'Bottom'. These links allow you to go from section to section of questions 9-97. Please use them so that the instructions are always visible while answering questions.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons. Clicking these buttons will take you to the next page or to the previous page.

Score the test A confirmation page appears after you have answered all of the questions. This page tells you which questions you have left out and gives you one last chance to go back and make changes before viewing your results.

To go back and make changes, click on 'Back'.   

To view the results click on 'Score the test'. After viewing your results, you cannot go back and make changes and have them re-scored.

For help on changing your answers, read the above section, 'I want to change my answers.'