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The leading TMJ professional organization, the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, suggests the TMJ ScaleTM   Patient Self-Test as a clinically proven, quick and inexpensive self-screening tool for those who want help in determining if they have TMJ and in deciding if they need help from a TMJ specialist.  This is the only such test that has ever achieved this level of confidence by this Academy and by so many experts in this field.

This Self-Test is the same test, having the same accuracy, that is relied upon by many of the most respected TMJ Specialists across the U.S. on hundreds-of-thousands of their patients.  Read some of their Testimonials, examine the Scientific Publications and  Patient Examples  on this website. 

This Patient Self-Test is taken on-line in only a few minutes, is totally confidential, and produces an immediately available and easy to read and understand Report that does not require any special training.

Take this Self-Test now and find out:

1.  How likely are your symptoms due to a TMJ disorder

2.  Does it involve your jaw joint, muscles or both

3.  How severe is it compared to others with TMJ

4.  How does your pain level compare to others with this problem

5.  How likely is another problem also present

6.  Is your level of stress or emotional distress significantly elevated

7.  Do you have or are you likely to develop a chronic, long term problem. 

8. Is an evaluation by a TMJ Specialist suggested by your test results

Re-Test later on to see If your problem is getting better, staying the same or getting worse

Terms and Conditions

These ‘Terms and Conditions’ are designed to maximize the test’s accuracy and usefulness.  You agree to the following when purchasing your TMJ ScaleTM Patient Self-Test: 

  • The TMJ Scale Patient Self-Test is scientifically designed to produce highly accurate predictions regarding the presence and severity of the class of disorders known as temporomandibular joint disorders (aka ‘TMJ’) and associated problems.
  • This test’s accuracy, reliability and usefulness have been repeatedly demonstrated and documented in extensive published scientific research in many of the most respected scientific and clinical journals in this field.
  • Since no diagnostic screening test can always be 100% accurate, you will use the information and statements in the Report you receive as suggestions rather than conclusions and no final decisions or actions you take regarding your problem will be based solely on the results of this test.
  • Regardless of test results it is always advisable to consider seeking professional help for symptoms or concerns about a problem you are experiencing. Therefore, while we believe this test may be very helpful to you, you will not use it as a substitute for a thorough evaluation by a healthcare provider or specialist when that seems appropriate.
  • You are 13 years of age or older and if you are under the age of 18, you will ask for adult supervision when taking the test and using the results.
  • You will do your best to supply complete and accurate answers to all test questions which will be analyzed and used to create a Report for you to read and use.
  • Inaccurate answers will reduce the test’s accuracy and excessive omissions may prevent the test from being properly analyzed and scored.
  • The TMJ Scale Report is confidential and does not require your name or identify who you are.  A random and unique  ID number will be printed on your Report as the only identification which you will keep.
  • You will set aside at least 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time to take the test.
  • This test is designed to be completed in one sitting.  If you are unable to complete it, you can finish it later by Logging on with a User ID and Password that you will create at the beginning of the test.  However, the longer you wait to complete the test the lower its accuracy may be.
  • You will Save and Print the on-line Report you receive immediately after completing the test.  If that is not possible at that time, you will have 10 days to Log back on to Save and Print your Report.  After that time your test answers and Report will be permanently removed from the website and no longer accessible.
  • You agree that you are soley responsible for the use of any information you obtain from this test or from this website and that neither Pain Resource Center, Inc. nor any of its officers, board of directors or employees have any responsibility for your subsequent decisions regarding your health care and will not be held liabile for any decisions or actions you may take based on the results of this test.

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