Welcome to Pain Resource Center’s website devoted to helping Healthcare Professionals who are evaluating and treating patients having  Tem­poro­mandibu­lar Joint Dis­or­ders (aka TMD) and Chronic Pain.

This website provides clinicians, especially dentists who treat patients with TMD, a sophisticated, on-line, testing and reporting service employing the widely accepted TMJ Scale™  to detect, measure, and document the presence and severity of “TMD”, its physical and emotional concomitants and to quantitatively measure treatment effectiveness and outcome.

This widely researched and highly accurate assessment, treatment and risk management tool, based on many years of published scientific research validating its accuracy, reliability and usefulness in clinical practice, has been used successfully by many of the most respected “TMD” Specialists across the U.S., and internationally, on hundreds-of-thousands of patients.

Leading practitioners of Dental Sleep Medicine use the TMJ Scale both before appliance therapy to help ‘rule out’ or ‘confirm’ the presence of a TM disorder that may go undetected and also after treatment is completed to again document the ‘presence’ or ‘absence’ of TMD.

Other testing services on this website include: TMJ/Compare™  which compares the results of two TMJ Scales administered to a patient at different times, as before and after treatment, and calculates and graphs changes, including % improvement indicating treatment effectiveness and outcome.

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TMJ “The TMJ Scale is an essential tool in my armamentarium. No pain practitioner should be without it!” Robert Talley, DDS Norman, OK (more)
“ The TMJ Scale is one screening modality that I deem indispensable and will not practice without. ” Pamela Steed, DDS, MSDIndianapolis, IN (more)
TMJ “ ..its value has proven itself repeatedly.! ” Ira Klemons, DDS, PhD South Amboy, NJ (more)

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