Clinicians including "TMJ" and Pain Specialists, Dentists, Physicians, Psychologists and other licensed health professionals can Register to receive FREE Test Scorings along with their User Name and Password. 

Once Registered, clinicians can Log In to their own, secure, testing page.  LogIn requires acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for use.  The testing page will Welcome the clinician by name and post the number of test scorings available to be used.  As tests are used, the test scoring counter will indicate the number of test scorings remaining.

Clinicians can log in to either the TMJ ScaleTM and TMJ/CompareTM testing page or the Chronic Pain BatteryTM testing page.  Each page will also have links to additional resources.

The testing pages allow new test data to be entered and scored with resulting Reports that should be immediately saved and printed when possible.

Directions for downloading and printing Question and Answer Booklets and for on-line testing are listed on the testing page.

Additional test scorings are ordered directly from the testing page.

User Name cannot be changed, but Passwords can be changed from the testing page.

Clinician Resources also has a drop down list of subcategories for further information. 

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