Do you try to cope with chronic-pain ?

Cope With Pain-Parts 1 & 2
by Stephen R. Levitt, MD, PhD

A three hour audio educational program (MP3 format compatible with both PC and MAC) written and narrated by an expert in the field and created for patients with chronic or recurrent pain. A number of years ago, Pain Resource Center produced an audiotape course to teach the essentials for understanding chronic pain and what decisions and actions could be taken by patients with chronic pain to help them better manage this complex problem. Over the years, the information in this course has been used by thousands of chronic-pain patients. While the field of chronic pain treatment has progressed in many ways over the years since this program was originally written, the core essentials of this program remain highly relevant today. With this in mind, a decision was made to digitize the original program and make it available as a download for those with chronic pain who now have internet access. This course can help reduce confusion and frustration, improve self-reliance and doctor-patient communication, and lead to a higher quality of life while living with chronic pain.  For more information  click here

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